Thursday, April 14, 2011

TPG Specialty Lending Appoints a New CEO

I am not sure why I have been focusing on this company so much, but it has been fun to follow a BDC from origination through the IPO.

TPG has picked Michael  Fishman, age 48 to be the CEO and act as a director for the company, effective April 1, 2011. He brings to the firm a wealth of experience (over 20 years) and in his role at Wells he served as a leader in the division responsible for providing senior secured financing to middle-market firms in the range of $10mm-$750mm.

It appears that Michael also served on the Board for the American Bankruptcy Institute until 2005 and is active in some local Los Angeles charities.

It is hard to find some of the deals he has worked on but it appears most of his deals would be in the sweet spot for TPG.

Random google results on him:
Michael's LinkedIn Profile
Condo bought in San Fran

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