Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BDC Weekly Roundup 6/10/2011

I am back! The test was difficult and I feel they did a poor job of testing the curriculum, but onwards and upwards.

The markets have been getting pummeled since my last post. The S&P 500 has declined about -3.96% and the BDCR Index has mirrored the decline by a -3.21% decline over that time as well. For the past week, the BDCR declined by -1.42% from a level of 313.81 on 6/3/2011 to 309.35 for the week ending 6/10/2011. The major winners were KCAP (+2.84%) and SLRC (+2.77%) and the major losers were TINY (-7.18%) and TTO (-5.74%).


No news articles this week, will restart those next week and begin content again.

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