Monday, July 11, 2011

BDC Weekly Roundup 7/8/2011

Two weeks in a row of gains. Hopefully things are going to pick up, but the current yields on these securities are attractive. The BDCR Index gained 1.68% this past week from a level of 312.63 on 7/1/2011 to 316.56 for the week ending 7/8/2011. The major winners were NGPC (+8.36%) and KED (+7.73%) and the major losers was MCGC (-0.48%).


I will have an extended article up this week concerning dividends. It seems like the BDC companies have been in the spotlight (along with REITS) on the major news sites these past few weeks.
HRZN - Releases outlook -
KED - Schedules earnings release -
MAIN - Closes a new $155m revolver with BB&T -
PSEC - Closed another $105m in investments (good to see they are putting that money to work)
TTO - Acquired a 40% interest in a PNM subsidiary -

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