Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BDC Weekly Roundup 8/5/2011

Between this debt ceiling debate and the S&P downgrade, things have been busy at the BDCR. Here is a quick update post.  The BDCR Index was crushed this past week with a -5.97% loss from a level of 296.91 on 7/29/2011 to 279.19 for the week ending 8/5/2011. The major winners were TCAP (+4.30%) and GAIN(+2.99%) and the major losers were MCGC(-25.31%) and AINV (-15.03%).


The markets are going crazy. I hope everyone was able to get their trades through these past few days. If I was able (cannot trade due to restricted list) to trade, I would have gone with some of the top guys from my previous article.

Good luck out there!

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